Cheon Il Guk Constitution: Quick Facts

You’ll probably have to read the Cheon Il Guk Constitution several times to really get what it’s doing. I learn something each time I read it. It takes the original United States of America (USA) Constitution and removes the obviously flawed elements, adds more checks and balances, and retains all elements that are perhaps unnecessary but otherwise valid on the assumption that the USA Constitution was divine inspiration of providence and we do not know the future.

  • The branches of the Constitution are similar in function as the USA but it splits the Executive duties in half. The vertical, hereditary-based position of King is more/less one half with the House-voted President in the other half. I initially was turned off by the word “king” but it’s not at all used in a context we usually hear it (tyrannical kings). Anyway, the constitution creates a constitutional monarchy-republic form of government.
  • Citizens have the inherent rights of historical kings (sovereignty, not be taxed, etc). They are citizen kings, if you will. There is a formal position of King in this Constitution but honestly it’s a very sacrificial role…no power over citizens. The King of Kings can more/less only neutralize or nullify legal actions of the other branches of government. While citizens can build their own life their way, the King is the greatest servant to the people. The King of Kings position is the representation of the direct lineage of God, Jesus, and Sun Myung Moon, which adds the stability of a monarchy and creates God’s literal millennial reign.
  • Governments are the literal manifestation of the Garden of Eden’s archangel. They dominate citizen Kings seeking their own power. This Constitution castrates the violent, real possibility of government-on-citizen violence by adopting the Swiss military model. There is border security by government (like the Cherubims protecting Eden’s border) but there is no in-land, standing military/police force at the federal level that can posed a direct threat to its own citizens. In the Swiss model, military equipment is maintained and kept with citizen units.
  • The size of the House/Senate is directly scalable to the number of states and their population. It will increase/decrease depending on the number of states and population. For instance, each 2100 citizens is to have a House representative. This (1) drastically distributes power, (2) helps keep money out of centralized areas of politics, and (3) means they cannot get much done unless there is a tremendous amount of agreement. It is also envisioned that votes will be conducted online from their home cities/states.
  • The federal government is capped at 10% of GDP and paid for only by flat, universal sales tax as income/property taxes are obviously direct forms of theft. Also, all federal laws expire 10 years after their creation. With the difficulty in creating new federal laws, the size restriction of government, and the fairly quick expiration of laws that do get passed, it is anticipated that the only federal laws left in one thousand years will be the 10 Commandments.
  • It modifies the USA federal model to allow countries/states to join as well as get kicked out. For instance, the state of Japan could join and the state of North Carolina could be expelled. The federal government’s core roles would essentially boil down to the break-up of monopolies, administration of common defense, and the court system.
  • One important point…the Constitution cannot be changed, ever. Natural law doesn’t change based on a new King, Congress, or President. In short, citizen rights are inalienable forever. This Constitution gets people so frustrated at working through government that they will eventually deal directly with God and handle all societal issues outside government.

We are in the very last of the last days. Our near future doesn’t look pretty but it will be bright soon.

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